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Handelsbanken is a personal relationship bank for private individuals, entrepreneurs and (real estate) companies. Why choose Handelsbanken?

  • We offer solutions that best suit your personal and/or business situation.
  • Your account manager works locally, knows you personally and strives for a lasting relationship.
  • Thanks to short lines, you quickly know where you stand. You sit directly at the table with the decision maker.
  • Our customers rate us with a high

Welcome at Handelsbanken

Would you like more information about Handelsbanken, our products or the way we work? Contact the Handelsbanken branch near you.

Become a private customer

Banking at Handelsbanken has many advantages. We work with short lines, so you know quickly where you stand. As a customer, you sit directly at the table with the decision maker. Initiate your relationship with Handelsbanken through a mortgage or real estate financing and explore additional services such as investment, savings, and payment solutions. 

We look forward to seeing you at one of our local branches.

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Become a corporate customer

At Handelsbanken, we deliver property financing solutions for you at your local branch, with a dedicated account manager. For real estate companies, we offer commercial property financing solutions and supporting payment services. We also have additional services to manage your interest rate risk, savings deposits and investment management solutions.  

How can we help you and your organisation?

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Local responsibility 

Thanks to our decentralised model, our branches work locally, close to the customer. This means that we know our customers personally and understand the market. We work with short lines. You are talking directly to the decision-maker, because most decisions are made by your personal account manager at the local branch. A lasting relationship and personal contact are paramount.

Satisfied customers 

We measure our success by, among other things, how satisfied our customers are with us. That is why we are very pleased that our customers are the most satisfied with their bank, compared with the customers of the major Dutch banks. And this is the elefenth consecutive year that this has been the case! This is evident from research among private and corporate customers of all banks in the Netherlands, carried out by the independent international market research agency EPSI Rating 2023.
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A sustainable bank

Stability, low risks, long-term relationships and sustainable involvement in the local community are the cultural cornerstones of Handelsbanken. They shape our personal approach and the way in which sustainability is woven into our daily activities. Our sustainability goals are rooted in the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Switch easily to Handelsbanken

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The Bank Switch Service is an initiative of joint banks in the Netherlands. It makes switching to another bank easier and ensures that your payment transactions run smoothly.

Would you like more information or would you like to request the Bank Switch Service?

Handelsbanken’s sustainability goals

Sustainable development goals the goals we focus on

Measurable goals 

At Handelsbanken, we actively work with sustainability goals that originate from the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For example, the bank aims to be CO2 neutral by 2040. The zero emission target applies, for example, to our loans and investments, but also to our own energy consumption and our business travel.