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Bank Switch Service

Switch easily to Handelsbanken.

Would you like to become a Handelsbanken customer?

  1. Apply for a Handelsbanken Payment Account.
    To use the Bank Switch Service, you will need a Payment Account from Handelsbanken.
  2. Apply for the free of charge Bank Switch Service.
    Inform companies and institutions about your new account number (IBAN) with our

What does the Bank Switch Service arrange for you?

  1. After the Bank Switch Service has been initiated, the credits and direct debits from your old account will be automatically transferred to your Handelsbanken Payment Account for 13 months.
  2. All companies and institutions that have money debited from you will automatically receive your new account number at Handelsbanken. 

For more information contact your local branch.

What do you need to arrange yourself?

The Bank Switch Service takes a lot of work off your hands, but there are a few things that you’ll need to arrange yourself.

To help you with this, you can use this   (Dutch). This will help you every step of the way.