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Your personal relationship bank

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A mortgage that suits you

Ready to buy a home or renovate? Whether it's for you, your children, or your parents, Handelsbanken is here to assist. Explore our Sustainability Discount to see how you can benefit today.
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Investing in buy-to-let real estate

Do you have plans to purchase your first property? Handelsbanken offers expert property financing solutions for all your needs. Explore our extensive knowledge and experience to secure your real estate goals.
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Optimal focus on your assets

With investment management at Handelsbanken, you entrust the management of your investment portfolio to a team of specialists from our subsidiary, Optimix, with your dedicated account manager as your point of contact. You'll have direct access at any time, whether in person or online through My Optimix or the Optimix app. Curious about what Optimix can do for you?
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Save with an attractive interest rate

With our savings account, you can save with a variable interest rate and withdraw your deposit at any time. Alternatively, opt for a fixed-term deposit, locking in your savings at a guaranteed interest rate for a specific period. Watch your wealth grow with the safest commercial bank in Europe.

Experience the difference of our personal approach

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Handelsbanken is a personal relationship bank for private individuals, entrepreneurs and real estate companies. Our Swedish roots and highly decentralised way of working make us a unique organization within the Dutch banking sector. We offer a high-quality, customised service and a personalised approach. Each branch operates as a local business, which means that they know their customers well and understand the local market and community. Our branches are authorised to make many banking decisions themselves, close to the customer.

A relationship with Handelsbanken usually starts with a mortgage or property financing solution. In addition, we offer investment services (through our subsidiary Optimix Vermogensbeheer), savings and payments. How can we help you?
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EPSI 2023: Handelsbanken ranked best in customer satisfaction for the eleventh consecutive year

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According to recent research by EPSI Rating, customers of Handelsbanken have once again ranked their satisfaction with the bank highest for the eleventh year in a row when compared to customers of major Dutch banks.

Our customers are particularly pleased with our personalized approach to service and expertise.

If you are interested in becoming a customer, please contact the Handelsbanken office nearest to you.
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Handelsbanken’s sustainability goals

Sustainable development goals the goals we focus on

Measurable goals 

At Handelsbanken, we actively work with sustainability goals that originate from the Paris Agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. For example, the bank aims to be CO2 neutral by 2040. The zero emission target applies, for example, to our loans and investments, but also to our own energy consumption and our business travel.

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Handelsbanken is Europe's safest bank

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Handelsbanken is the safest bank in Europe, according to Global Finance's ranking, which includes over 500 banks worldwide. Global Finance has named Handelsbanken Europe's safest bank and the world's fourth safest bank. As a resource for society, Handelsbanken must be so solid that we are there for customers even when times occasionally become troubled. Handelsbanken has never needed help from authorities or central banks when crises strike.
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