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Your personal relationship bank

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Twee mensen aan een tafel die overleggen

A mortgage that suits you

A great deal is involved when purchasing a home. We take time to understand your needs, goals and overall financial position to help find a solution that suits you best. 
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Investing in buy-to-let real estate

You can come to us if you are looking for a property loan, and also if you wish to expand your real estate investment portfolio or refinance your real estate. 
Wie geeft richting aan uw vermogen? Vermogensbeheer via Optimix

Care for your wealth

With wealth management at Handelsbanken, your investment portfolio is managed by a team of investment specialists from our subsidiary Optimix, with your Handelsbanken account manager as your point of contact.

Experience the difference of our personal approach

Handelsbanken is a personal relationship bank for private individuals, entrepreneurs and real estate companies. Our Swedish roots and highly decentralised way of working make us a unique organization within the Dutch banking sector. We offer a high-quality, customised service and a personalised approach. Each branch operates as a local business, which means that they know their customers well and understand the local market and community. Our branches are authorised to make many banking decisions themselves, close to the customer.

A relationship with Handelsbanken usually starts with a mortgage or property financing solution. In addition, we offer investment services (through our subsidiary Optimix Vermogensbeheer), savings and payments. How can we help you?

Stay alert and stay safe from bank helpdesk fraud!

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With bank helpdesk fraud, scammers pose as bank employees. Although measures have been taken, scammers misuse the bank's name or phone number. The scammer is trying to gain your trust so that you make a payment.
Prevent these scammers from accessing your data and learn how to spot and prevent bank help desk fraud. 
Security and fraud prevention

Do you want to set money aside for a short or long period?

Do you want to put money aside, but also be able to withdraw it whenever you want? Or do you want to save with the certainty of a fixed interest rate?
View Handelsbanken's savings options and determine what suits you best.
Savings account