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A loan for buying a house.

A mortgage that suits your personal situation.
How can we help you?

You’re planning on buying a house for yourself, your children or your parents. Maybe you already have an idea what the maximum amount of your loan could be.

Now it’s time for the next step: applying for a mortgage. But what type of loan would fit your financial situation? And should you opt for a variable or fixed interest rate?
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Your account manager at your Handelsbanken branch will be happy to provide expert advice on a solution that suits you.


Buying a house

Do you intend to buy a house, or would you like to refinance your current home? The Residential Mortgage from Handelsbanken takes your individual circumstances and wishes into account. Your account manager will guide you through the entire process, so that you have full insight into all aspects of the loan.

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Buying a second or third house

Do you intend to buy a second or third house for yourself, or a house for your children or your parents? Can you afford a part yourself, but are you also looking for additional financing? Then the Extra Residential Mortgage from Handelsbanken may be a solution for you.