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Staying alert to fraud!

Unfortunately, there are fraudsters who abuse the corona virus to persuade people to hand over confidential banking information. At the moment false e-mails are circulating.

Be careful! These emails are not from Handelsbanken!

So be careful when you receive emails, but also with all other forms of contact, for example via text messages, WhatsApp or by phone, where you are asked to provide personal data. Handelsbanken will never ask for your logon or pin code in these ways. 

Would you like to log in to Individual Online Banking, Zakelijk Internet Bankieren, GlobalOn-Line or MarketOn-Line? Always check if the url starts with https://secure.handelsbanken.com.

Do you want to know how you can best protect your online devices and data against internet fraud? Read the information about  safe banking.Opens in a new window

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The corona virus and banking at Handelsbanken

During the corona crisis you probably want to continue to manage your banking affairs as well as possible. Because we think your and our health are important, we will temporarily do a number of things differently. 

Our local branches

Our local branches temporarily work with less staffing. Lead times may be a little longer than you are used to from us. You can only visit a branch by appointment and only if this is really necessary. With this we want to contribute to prevent the further spread of the corona virus. Read more. 

The corona crisis and your loan(s) with Handelsbanken

Do you have any questions about the consequences of the corona virus for your loan(s) with Handelsbanken? Please contact  your local branch.  


How can you reach your local branch or our customer service? Read more. 

Information from the RIVM

Do you have any questions about the corona virus? Check the RIVM websiteOpens in a new window for the most up-to-date information and specific guidelines.

Business banking at Handelsbanken

At Handelsbanken, you do business banking at your local branch, with a personal account manager. We offer (international) financing and cash management solutions through our branch network. We also offer FX and Treasury services. A sustainable relationship and direct personal contact are paramount.

How can we help you and your organisation?

Handelsbanken endorses the UN Principles for Responsible Banking

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Handelsbanken has endorsed the Principles for Responsible Banking (PRB) of the United Nations. This took place at the official launch of the PRB in connection with the UN Climate Action Summit on 22-23 September 2019. 


Corporate Responsibility

Sustainability is reflected throughout our organization. At group level, 90% of our investment funds are managed on the basis of strengthened sustainability criteria. We work with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And our offices are involved in various local social activities.

Read more about our sustainability policy in the  Sustainability Report 2020 (pdf 3.3 MB).