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Financing solutions for your company.

You’re looking for financing solutions for your company.
How can we help you?

Choose Handelsbanken’s financing solutions to realise your business plans. Customisation, a low risk profile, transparency and a long-term relationship are paramount. 

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To find out more about financing solutions, contact your local branch, where the staff will be able to provide you with further details.

Corporate Property Investment Loan

Is your company looking for financing for a company building for your own use or for rented real estate? The Handelsbanken Corporate Property Investment Loan may be the right solution for you.

Corporate loan

A Corporate Loan from Handelsbanken is a loan for your long-term financing needs. The Corporate Loan is for all investments that are not related to real estate.

Overdraft Facility

To optimise the cash flow of your company, the Overdraft Facility on your current account could offer you financial flexibility.

Contingent Liabilities Facility

Does your company regularly receive requests to issue a bank guarantee? With the Handelsbanken Contingent Liabilities Facility, you can have bank guarantees issued quickly and efficiently.

Code of Conduct for lending to small businesses

The Code of Conduct for lending to small businesses may apply to the Corporate Property Investment Loan, Corporate Loan, Overdraft Facility and the Contingent Liabilities Facility. Read more about the Code of Conduct for lending (pdf)