1. Important information

Important information

BKR Registration 

Policy BKR registration

BKR registration

Depositor information

Basic information about the protection of deposits

Depositor information (pdf)

Execution venues

List of primary execution venues

Execution venuesOpens in a new window

Fact sheet Handelsbanken Nederland

Fact sheet of Handelsbanken Nederland

Fact sheet Handelsbanken Nederland (pdf)

Feedback and complaints

We take your feedback and complaints seriously

Feedback and complaints

General conditions

General Conditions of Handelsbanken Nederland

General conditions 1 March 2020 (pdf)

Order execution principles

Best execution policy

Order execution principles (pdf)

Policy documents and guidelines

A presentation of policies and guidelines of Handelsbanken Group.

Policy documents and guidelines Handelsbanken GroupOpens in a new window

Policy for management of conflicts

Policy for management of conflicts of interest in the Handelsbanken Group


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