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Property finance

Investing in buy-to-let real estate.

You want to invest in rental properties. How can we help you?

You have plans to purchase your first property. Or you already own a large real estate investment portfolio and want to expand or refinance it. Handelsbanken has a great deal of knowledge and experience of property financing. Discuss your wishes and financial options with us.

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Your account manager at your Handelsbanken branch will be happy to provide expert advice about a solution that suits you.

Buying rental property

If you intend to start buying rental property, or if you are looking for opportunities to expand or refinance your existing real estate portfolio, the Real Estate Mortgage may be an option for you.

Broad experience of investing in real estate

Are you an individual with a large real estate investment portfolio and experience of investing in buy-to-let properties? The Property Investment Loan may be an option for you.