1. Security

Security and fraud prevention

Protect your computer, mobile phone and personal information.

Handelsbanken will never ask you to:

  • Transfer money to other accounts over the phone or in a text message (not even in an emergency!)
  • Send an employee to your home to pick up your bank card, card reader or pin codes
  • Send your bank card or card reader by post
  • Pass on passwords or other security codes by phone or text message
  • Access your computer or smartphone to install software or apps on your computer, tablet or smartphone
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Do you feel something is wrong? Please contact our customer service

It is important to always report fraud. If you suspect that you are dealing with fraud, please contact our customer service:

0800 820 00 20 (free)
+31 20 412 77 92 (from abroad)

There are various forms of fraud.
It is important to always report fraud.

If you suspect that you are dealing with fraud, please contact our customer service immediately. Call us on 0800 820 00 20 or from abroad: +31 20 412 77 92. In Dutch we can be reached from Monday to Friday, from 08:00 to 18:00. In English we are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For more information and the most up-to-date frauds: www.veiligbankieren.nOpens in a new windowl or at fraudehelpdesk.nlOpens in a new window 

WhatsApp fraud

With WhatsApp fraud, scammers use text messages to pretend to be a close friend who ask you to pay or lend money to them. Be alert as soon as a friend asks you to pay or transfer something via a text message, even if that message was sent from a known email address or mobile number.
If a son, daughter or other loved one asks via text message to pay or transfer something, do so only after you have spoken and recognized him/her orally.
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Fraud can occur in various situations. Your personal information may have been stolen by a computer virus. Or a person may call you and ask for your banking security information, such as your password or log-on card number. 

Handelsbanken always ensures a secure environment and processes sensitive information very strictly. Do you suspect that your data is being used by unauthorised persons? Or do you see unauthorised transactions on your account? Please contact our customer serviceOpens in a new window
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E-mail phishing  

When a person or organization masquerades as someone you may know via email, we call this phishing. Phishing emails often ask for personal information, such as your username, password, account number or credit card number.

Handelsbanken, or any other bank, will never ask for your details. Certainly not by e-mail. Communication about your personal information is only through personal contact at your local office. Do you receive an email that you do not trust? Contact usOpens in a new window or send an email to reportphish@handelsbanken.se.

Five security rules

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  1. Keep your security codes secret.
  2. Make sure that your debit card is never used by anyone else.
  3. Keep your computer updated and use an updated antivirus program.
  4. Check your bank account regularly.
  5. Report incidents directly to the bank and follow the bank’s instructions.