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Management of your foreign exchange and interest rate risk.

Are you looking for ways to minimise your foreign exchange and interest rate risk?

To manage the outcome of your business activities in other currencies and/or protect yourself against adverse fluctuations of interest rates, Handelsbanken can be of help. Our local treasury specialists (DSI certified) have extensive knowledge of, and experience with risk management. 

To find out more, contact your local branch, where the staff will be able to provide you with further details.

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Exchange rate risks

When doing business abroad you will often be exposed to other currencies. Any fluctuations in currency rates can affect your results, and it becomes more difficult for you to control the outcome. We provide insight into the consequences of those risks and look for suitable solutions to protect you against any unfavorable market developments.

Interest rate risks

Interest costs can be a critical factor and fluctuations in interest rates may have an undesirable impact on your results. We offer solutions that can help you protect yourself against adverse fluctuations in interest rates. This can help you to ensure that you do not exceed your budgeted interest rate cost. Our products enable you to increase or reduce your interest rate exposure in a controlled manner.