Help to log in

If you are having trouble logging in, it could be for several reasons.

If you try to log in with the cable, we recommend that you always disconnect the cable from the computer and card reader. We will then ask you to restart the computer, reconnect the cable and card reader to the computer and try to log in again.

When logging in without a cable, it is important that you use the correct function of the card reader. When logging in, press 'Login' at the top left and when signing or confirming a change or payment, press 'Sign'. If you turn this around it seems to work correctly, but our system sees this as an incorrect answer code.

More information

If you are unable to log in, you can of course always contact our customer service

Card reader with or without cable?

You can log in to Handelsbanken Online Banking by using a card reader with or without a cable connected to your computer.

With the cable

With the card reader connected to your computer, fewer keystrokes are required to log in. You will need to install a driver and security application.

Without the cable

When the card reader is not connected to your computer, you can use online banking on any device connected to the internet. The card reader will generate one-time codes to log in. 

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  • Forgotten or lost pincode
    If you enter an incorrect login code three times, the login card will be blocked. From that moment on you will unfortunately no longer be able to use your login card. Your login code is provided once and, in accordance with Handelsbanken security regulations, can no longer be requested after the application process. If you have forgotten your login code, you can request a new login card. Please contact your for this.

  • Issues with your card-reader or cable
    If you experience problems with your card reader, please contact our . You can request a new card reader from your

  • Issues with your log-on card
    If you experience problems with your login card, please contact our . You can request a new login card at your .