Computer usage has changed following the introduction of broadband connections. An increasing number of people use their computers every day and leave them connected to the internet when they are not in use. If your computer is constantly online, it may become a security risk for the owner and other internet users.

What is a virus?

The most common threat today is a virus. A virus consists of small programme parts that attach themselves to other programmes. Some viruses are intentionally implanted in programmes, while others can be unintentional programming errors. A virus can cause a computer to report strange error messages, crash, or perform undesirable actions.


As an internet user, you should consider your responsibility towards other internet users by keeping your computer secure. This will keep you from contributing to the spread of a virus when your computer is infected. A computer which has a 'remote control program' or a virus installed cannot be used to log in to Handelsbanken Online Banking.

What to do when your computer is infected? 

If you think that your computer may be infected you should log off immediately from Handelsbanken Online Banking. After this you should:

  • Contact our customer service to block the access to Online Banking at 0800 820 00 20.
  • Start your antivirus programme to detect and remove all viruses.