Saving money for a longer period.

Would you like to save money for a longer period?
How can we help you?

With a Deposit at Handelsbanken you can save money for a certain period of time at a guaranteed interest rate. You know exactly which amount you will receive on the maturity date.

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To find out more about the Deposit, contact your local branch, where the staff will be able to provide you with further details. 

Saving at a fixed interest rate

Do you want to save money with the certainty of a fixed interest rate? With a Handelsbanken’s Deposit you can keep money for a certain period at a guaranteed interest rate. The interest you receive on a Deposit depends on the duration of the term.

Save with peace of mind

Handelsbanken is originally a Swedish bank. The total (savings) balances held at Handelsbanken in the Netherlands are guaranteed by the Swedish deposit guarantee scheme up to EUR 100.000 per account holder.

Uw spaartegoeden worden beschermd door het Zweedse depositogarantiestelsel

Op tegoeden aangehouden bij Handelsbanken in Nederland is het Zweedse depositogarantiestelsel van toepassing. Lees meer in het  Informatieblad Depositogarantiestelsel. (pdf)