Handelsbanken recommends that you use a firewall in your computer. This usually consists of a program that is installed on your PC.Firewalls may also be found in broadband routers.

What is a firewall? 

A firewall protects your computer from online attacks. The firewall records the programs that try to send and receive information from the internet. This means, for example, that if a virus program tries to forward information from your computer, the firewall will stop it until you give your approval. If you are uncertain about whether to let the program send the information, then choose not to send.

How do I get a firewall? 

Firewalls are programs that are included in your computer. If you buy a program with various protective functions from an antivirus supplier, it will include a firewall. It is important that you update your operative system and antivirus program, as the firewall will also be updated.