Request log-on card

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To log in to Individual Online Banking you will need your log-on card. The log-on card is personal and can only be used by you in combination with the login code you have chosen.

Please have the following ready when applying for your log-on card:
  • E-mail from Handelsbanken containing the number of your log-on card (16 digits).
  • Letter containing the activation code (12 digits).
Then follow the next two steps:

Customer service

If you have any questions please contact your local branch or our customer support

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Step 1:

Click on 'Request log-on card' and follow the steps.
Request log-on cardOpens in a new window
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Step 2:

You will receive the log-on card in your mailbox within a few days.

If you have already received the log-on card, you can log in directly to Individual Online Banking