Log in to Online Banking

Online in three steps.
Inlogscherm homepage handelsbanken

Step 1

Go to . Click on 'Log in' and select 'Individual Online Banking' in the top right-hand corner of the menu.
Inloggen op particulier bankieren

Step 2

Follow the steps with your log-on card and card reader.
welkom in internet bankieren van handelsbanken

Step 3

You are now logged in to Individual Online Banking. You can immediately start your online banking session.

TIP: also activate the for your smartphone or tablet.

Card reader with or without cable?

You can log in to Handelsbanken Online Banking by using a card reader with or without a cable connected to your computer.

With the cable

With the card reader connected to your computer, fewer keystrokes are required to log in. You will need to install a driver and security application.

Without the cable

When the card reader is not connected to your computer, you can use online banking on any device connected to the internet. The card reader will generate one-time codes to log in. 

Customer service

customer serivce icoon

Do you have questions about Online Banking? 
Our customer service will gladly assist you.

Customer service

We prioritise your security

en man med hörlurar på sig som sitter framför en laptop
Security is important to us and we do everything we can to help you to bank in a safe way. As part of this, we provide guidance and tips on keeping your accounts secure.

Protect your computer, mobile phone and personal information and read our security and fraud prevention guidance.
Security and fraud prevention