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Investment management

Optimal focus on your assets.

Investment management at Handelsbanken: naturally via Optimix

With Investment Management at Handelsbanken, your investment portfolio is managed by a team of investment specialists from our subsidiary Optimix, with your personal account manager at Handelsbanken as your point of contact. You always have direct contact at any time – in person, or online via My Optimix or the Optimix app. You do not have to worry about your investments, which means ease and peace of mind. 

If you’d like to know what Optimix can do for you, please contact your local Handelsbanken branch for more information.
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Optimix is a 100%-owned subsidiary of Handelsbanken. For almost forty years it has been managing investment portfolios for private individuals, entrepreneurs, families and foundations.

What kind of investment management will suit you?

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Mix of investment instruments

Do you have freely investable capital, but would rather not worry about it? With the Optimix Vermogensbeheer- rekening we will look after it for you. A team of experts keeps an eye on developments in the market. They ensure that your portfolio is well-diversified through a mix of investment instruments.

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Wealth Management with sustainable impact  

Do you want to achieve financial returns as well as sustainable impact with your investments? With Optimix Duurzaam Vermogensbeheer, you invest in companies, organisations and mutual funds that are working to improve society and the environment by focusing on ‘Sustainability & Innovation’ and ‘Clean Earth’. 


Room for individual wishes 

Do you have freely investable assets of at least € 1 million? Then your expectations of your wealth manager may be extra high. With Optimix Maatwerk Vermogensbeheer, your personal preferences are visible in the choices we make in composing your portfolio. Customisation gives your assets the attention they deserve.

Why invest with Optimix?

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We are personal and involved  

The management of your wealth starts with personal contact. You can always get in touch with a committed, approachable account manager who is close at hand. Your account manager is supported by our team of specialists, such as wealth planners, portfolio managers, investment strategists and financial analysts.

We combine our knowledge with your goals 

How we put together your investment portfolio depends on various things, such as the market climate and your specific circumstances. We take time to understand your situation and goals, and work with you to create a plan that is tailored to your goals and risk appetite.     

We make it easy for your

Our asset managers always keep an eye on developments in the financial markets, so that we can adjust your portfolio where necessary. You do not have to take buying and selling decisions or carry out investment transactions yourself. Every three months, you will receive an overview that explains our decisions. In addition, you will get a clear insight into the costs. You can follow the current situation closely via My Optimix or the Optimix app, with the current return and a clear explanation.

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