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Our culture and values are crucial to our success.
With its Swedish roots and decentralised working method, Handelsbanken is a unique organisation in the Dutch banking sector. We trust and respect the individual. This is why employees are given a great deal of responsibility and can make many decisions themselves. This way of working ensures more involvement and job satisfaction.

We have an open, informal culture. By looking at things from different perspectives, we come up with the best ideas to jointly contribute to the bank’s success. That is why we pay a great deal of attention to inclusion and diversity. We want to learn from and help each other.

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A unique environment for your career

An open, informal culture

Handelsbanken has an open, informal culture. Employees are given the space for their own input and the scope to take on responsibility. We are open to learn and help from each other. You are not alone: we’re building the future of our bank together.

Trust and responsibility

We are convinced that when everyone takes responsibility for the execution of their tasks, this ensures better and faster decision-making. We trust that, with your knowledge, experience, background and enthusiasm, you will want to do the right thing in the best possible way. This ensures commitment and job satisfaction, because your contribution to the success of our bank is visible.


Within Handelsbanken you can develop in various professional roles within different parts of the bank. Many colleagues have already preceded you. For example, they may first have held a position at one of our local branches and then moved on to a position at our Head Office in Amsterdam. This can be valuable to you and also to the bank. In this way, you gain a great deal of knowledge of the bank, you are versatile and you continue to develop yourself.

Do you recognise yourself in our values?

Our values are rooted in long-term thinking, taking responsibility and trust and respect for colleagues and customers. This is essential to enable our employees to do what they believe is right for our customers. By adhering to these values, we can work in a decentralised manner, we are close to the customer and we can make faster and better decisions.

Do you recognise yourself in our way of working?

More than 50 years ago, Jan Wallander, our CEO at the time, introduced our unique culture. This culture fosters respect for colleagues and customers and underlines the importance of collaboration. Ever since, “an unshakable belief in people and their ability and will to do good things” has been our guiding principle. The focus we place on the needs of our customers means that our way of working is clearly different from those of other banks. We have no sales targets, no product campaigns and no individual bonuses. In this way, we continue to do what is good for the customer from a long-term perspective.

Work and private life in balance

You feel more energetic, more motivated, you perform better and you get more satisfaction from your work if there is a good balance between work and private life. That is why we attach great importance to a healthy work-life balance. Working part-time and partly from home is possible for many positions.

Would you like to work with us?

Would you like to work at a unique bank that is still under development? We are constantly looking for enthusiastic and proactive new colleagues. Whether you are at the start of your career or want to take the next step in your career, at Handelsbanken we can offer you the opportunity to develop further.

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Inclusion and diversity

Every employee contributes to the success of our bank. We are at our best when we work together in teams where different perspectives meet, where everyone feels heard and respected, and has the opportunity to make an impact. Your knowledge, experience and background makes you unique. Together we will come up with the best ideas. We have an open, informal culture. We want to learn from and help each other.

At Handelsbanken, we believe that everyone contributes to, and has responsibility for, creating a culture in which everyone can thrive.